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Welcome to the
Greyhound Adoption Program (NSW) Inc.

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Our Sponsors

GAP (NSW) is a non-profit welfare association run by a small but dedicated group of volunteers. We rely heavily on donations from the general public and from the contributions of our sponsors, in order to cover our basic expenses. GAP would like to thank and acknowledge the contribution of the following people and organisations:

Our Patrons

  • Dr Harry Cooper
  • Mr Gary Barnsley
  • Mr Neil Barnsley

Corporate Sponsors

Bayer Australia Ltd

For provision of the monthly topical product AdvocateTM for all our foster dogs and new adoptees. AdvocateTM controls heartworm, adult and larval fleas and the major intestinal worms (roundworm, hookworm, whipworm). It can also control demodex, sarcoptes and ear mites as well as lice.


More details can be obtained from Bayer at Advocate.

Advocate 2

Vebo Pet

Vebo Pet Supplies is a pet accessories supplier that specialises in pet cages and enclosures. They offer one of the widest range of pet enclosures in Australia and their customers include the RSPCA, animal rescue groups, local councils, professional dog trainers and breeders. For more details, please visit

Vebo Pet offer a $20 discount on dog crates to those who adopt a Greyhound from the Greyhound Adoption Program of NSW. Please click here to obtain that discount.

Vebo Pet logo


NSW Animal Welfare League Veterinary Clinic
1605 Elizabeth Drive, Kemps Creek

Frenchs Forest Veterinary Hospital
9 Forest Way, Frenchs Forest

Gary and Neil Barnsley
Greyhound Recovery Services, Wolstonholme Rd, Greendale.

For several years now Gary has been promoting and fundraising for GAP (NSW) - through calendar sales and by providing a prominent collection bowl in his practice waiting room.

Gary has a large number of racing Greyhound clients as well as pet and show dog owners from all over Sydney and surrounding areas.

He has also examined and treated our foster dogs, when necessary, free of charge. Our thanks to Gary and his generous clients.

Kumalong Australia
Gentle collars (Martingales)

Challenge Dog Supplies
Cotton webbing leads
Old Pittwater Rd, Brookvale


For coats for our foster dogs

loveā€™em pet treats

for donations of pet treats for our foster dogs


for provision of website hosting and design
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