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Welcome to the
Greyhound Adoption Program (NSW) Inc.

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Welcome to Greyhound Adoption Program NSW

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The Greyhound Adoption Program (NSW), Inc. is a non-profit organisation, incorporated with the NSW Department of Fair Trading, which is dedicated to the welfare of Greyhounds. We are also a charity.  Our primary purpose is to educate the public on the benefits and care of Greyhounds as companion animals, and to find permanent loving homes for these beautiful hounds. We rely on memberships and donations for our funding and do not accept Greyhound Racing industry funds.

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Greyhound of the Week - Tessa

Tessa sittingTessa became part of the GAP family just over 4 years ago, following a brief country racing career.

After a few months couch surfing at various foster homes, she was finally adopted by one of her foster carers. Unfortunately family circumstances changed (through no fault of her own) and Tessa came back to us in February 2018. She has been desperately looking for a furever family since then.

Tessa is in the prime of her life at 7 years old. Like most Greyhounds, she whiles away the hours snoozing, but as soon as she hears the lead or the car keys being picked up, or the dinner bowl being filled, Tessa turns into a Springbok! Tessa LOVES her food and will eat virtually anything offered (she's taken a fancy to blueberries lately!). She has even learned to sit on command (for the right treat).

Tessa has been described as one of the easiest dogs to live with. As long as she is permitted to be an indoor dog she is as happy as Larry - she'll sunbake and roll in the grass while you're outside gardening, but expects to come inside when you do.

Tessa puts herself to bed by mid-evening and does not stir all night. She is used to living with other dogs, both male and female, and gets on easily with them. She is currently sharing a home with other Greyhounds but did previously live with a Chihuahua. She is not cat tolerant. Tessa has been gentle and sweet with visiting grandchildren.

While Tessa generally walks very well on the lead, she can be reactive and bark at dogs she does not know - but then will walk past others without batting an eyelid. This is her one and only flaw, but means she has been overlooked time and time again.

If you have room in your heart and your home for a great dog  and think you might have the lifestyle to suit, please consider giving Tessa a chance at a permanent abode.

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