Fostering Information

What support does the foster home receive?

All foster homes must be inspected and approved before receiving their first dog. A meeting with all household members (human and otherwise) is necessary to assess everyone's attitude and to discuss any specific issues.

Each Greyhound in a foster home is provided with a premium dried dog food supplied by our sponsor, Winning Edge. So apart from the addition of some table scraps (meat, chicken, cheese, pasta, rice, etc) or a small amount of canned food, the foster home is not burdened by feeding costs.

All dogs are at least wormed and bathed prior to arriving at a foster home. Some will have already undergone their full range of treatments, including desexing/castration, teeth cleaning, microchipping, vaccination and heartworm testing. An appropriate collar and lead is provided, as well as the dog's muzzle and a temporary ID tag. During the cooler months, a warm coat is also made available. If required, a crate (Vari-Kennel) may be loaned to assist a new dog's transition.

Extensive follow up and monitoring of the dog in foster care is made, generally by phone. We realise that foster carers are generously opening up their homes and hearts to these dogs, and all support/advice necessary will be given promptly. We also appreciate that foster homes may not wish to care for dogs continually. Some may only try it once and decide it's not for them. Others may want a break between dogs, or may have holidays or other commitments planned for the near future. Whatever offers an approved foster home can make will be accepted gratefully.

So, if you think you wouldn't be suitable as a foster carer, think again! Remember, even if you try it once and decide that it's not for you, then that's one life that you've been directly responsible for saving. Next time you look into the soulful eyes of a greyhound, think about the satisfaction you'd feel if you knew that YOU were the person who made it possible for that dog to move onto their new life.

As an incorporated association, the Greyhound Adoption Program (NSW), Inc. is required to carry public liability insurance.