Bonnie3 1We were lucky to acquire Bonnie in March 2014 just after her 7th birthday. We have had dogs for many years and lost our last Sheltie to old age last year. We knew nothing about greyhounds but had heard something about greyhound adoption. We started to make some enquiries and filled out the adoption application on line the rest is history. The way the process was facilitated by Denise and others in the greyhound community was impressive. We first met Bonnie at the St Ives showground and found her to be a beautiful and quiet hound.

When we collected her in Sydney her Foster carer made the trip from Manly to East Lindfield to deliver her just to save us the extra trip. We took her home to Young in stages making a number of rest stops on the way. Once home Bonnie settled in quite quickly to a two walk a day routine and selected her preferred sleeping spots in the house. After a few days she started to come out of her shell and her friendly personality came to the fore. She related well to other dogs she met on her walks and loved mixing with the grandkids and their Cavalier King Charles. When we visited them Bonnie made herself at home after a few minutes and allowed everybody to walk around or step over her. We have had many different breeds of dogs but Bonnie just seems to lap up all the affection you can give her. We are both retired and find Bonnie the ideal companion.

The Adoption facilitators and Foster carers did an absolutely amazing job and cannot be thanked enough for their dedication and efforts. Bonnie has settled in very well and is perfectly happy running the household.

Cheers John and Moya.