Tiger5 4As an adult I have had 4 cocker spaniels. I thought they were the best breed of dog ever.  Recently I lost my last one. Last year my daughter had told me about greyhounds and how they sleep a lot and do not need much exercise!

 I looked up Greyhound Adoption Program and there were photos of available hounds. One in particular (Tiger 5) I thought was truly stunning and fell in love with his stature and looks. We sent off an application form and started reading all about greyhounds.  I had never met a greyhound and when my housemate and I were introduced to a girl greyhound during the “assessment process” for us to become suitable adoptees, I was stunned by the pure gentleness of the breed.

I needed to have a new fence built and so the waiting time before we could get our greyhound took over a month. In the meantime I had gone to Easter show where I met lots of greys and definitely fell in love with the breed then. So calm and gentle.

While waiting for fence to get built I prepared the house for the arrival of my grey. I had bought 3 extra- large dog beds – one for the lounge, one for the study and one for the bedroom. Bought some fluffy squeaky soft toys.

The great day arrived and we were told that Tiger 5 was still available.

Looked up his race record and his racing name was Sally’s Hero. Had a number of podium finishes but not as brilliant as his mum who was a great champion,

I spoke on the phone to his foster parents who told me all about Tiger and how they would have changed his name to Shadow as he followed them everywhere. I went to pick him up and for the hour I was with the foster parents, he had his head on my lap. He had chosen me. He was so sweet. 

Brought him home and he settled in so very quickly. Whenever we move room he follows me lie down on his bed in that room. He definitely is a Shadow.  So funny being with such a big dog and a short walk is enough exercise for him. He has met lots of dogs on his walks and I am educating the humans about the amazing qualities of greyhounds.

He learnt very quickly (like after a couple of days) that first thing he gets to eat is some chicken necks; he won’t go outside till after he has been given his snack. 

He has the most lovable temperament. He puts his head on your lap when watching TV and I am sure he falls asleep in that standing position for a few minutes.

Tiger is loved so very much and has brought an amazing amount of joy into our lives.  I would recommend a greyhound as being the most amazing family dog.

Lorraine Fox and Aaron Lee.