Nikita5Just want to let you know how much we are loving having Nikita/Nikki in our lives.  She is such a gentle funny playful girl, loves frolicking with her toys (squeaky soccer ball the favourite) and going for walks (possibly because dinner follows the walk), but most of all loves lying full stretch beside my desk as I work. 


Greyhounds don’t curl up!!  Or on her back next to the wall with legs up in the air.  Not real elegant. 


She’s very good about not getting on furniture (except the old outside sofa, which she’s taken over, as you can see in the photo) and so far absolutely reliably toilet trained.  She’s loyal and will generally come when called.  


All dogs are conversation-starters out on walks, but Nikki is particularly so – so many people want to know about her or have a story about someone they knew who had a greyhound.  We are enjoying getting to know her.