We had always wanted to adopt a greyhound and are so glad we made the decsion to adopt little Belle. We fell in love with her the second we met her. She has settled in beautifully and has even made friends with my mum's poodle (who she likes to go walking with).

Belle3 2

At first Belle was a little clingy and wary about her new environment but now she knows she is a big part of our family. During the day she spends time in her doggy house or sometimes lays in the sunshine watching the birds. She has a very large collection of toys that are so fun - sometimes she will just throw them around in the air or sit and chew until she finds the squeeking sound. She gets lots of yummy treats everyday (she especially loves pigs ears!) and will always show manners when she would like something.

In the afternoon she has her dinner and then spends some quality time with us - usually she will get all her kisses and cuddles and will then go back to sleep on her inside bed. After all the sleeping during the day she still looks forward to bed time!

Walking is always a fun time. Belle has recently learnt to wait patiently before walkies so her lead and muzzle can be put on. Once we are off, she walks perfectly and doesn't even worry about other dogs or cats that she might see on her trip. Most days, people will stop us and ask questions about her. Probably because she looks so pretty walking along.

All in all we are so glad that we made contact with GAP and became involved in the adoption process. Belle is an absolute treasure and we will always love her. I believe people dont know enough about these gorgeous creatures and there are a lot of misconceptions regarding their temperament and personality. They make such wonderful companions and will be an instant part of any loving family.

Belinda and Mark