Ally-close-up 1Ally has settled in magnificently and is the perfect pet! She is beautifully behaved all the time and has absolutely no bad habits! We are amazed at how she is such an easy going, affectionate and well behaved pet. It is difficult to gather enough superlatives to describe what a wonderful pet she is. Ally is quiet and fastidiously clean. She has become an integral part of our lives and we haven't had to make any adjustments to our lifestyle at all as she is happy to be with us all the time, and, flirt relentlessly with every human that comes near her!

We just love her and she loves us. The greetings we get of a morning when she gets out of bed and when we get home from work are filled with exuberance, kisses and leaping about - for a minute - then it's back to bed!

A greyhound would have to be the perfect pet. They are such great dogs we can't understand why more people don't know about them! And, to top it off they'd have to be the most fuss free, easy going, elegant and stunningly good looking canine on four paws!

Brad & Tim