My name is Callum. I have been told by lots of people that I am very handsome but you will have to judge for yourself from my picture.


I wasn't very good at racing so the nice people at GAP took me to find me a home. At first I was very scared at being left alone but after some special attention from my foster Mum I overcame that as long as I could stay inside (hey I'm not silly why have an outside kennel when I can curl up on the sofa).

After a while in foster care where I met cats (very scary creatures that hiss and spit a lot and have very sharp claws) and other dogs and lots of new things I was ready to go to a permanent home. One weekend I was taken by my foster Mum to visit my new Mum & Dad), their small Chihuahua cross called Jinx and their two cats Perry and Ali.

I was a little scared at first, the cats didn't seem to like me much though Perry did let me sniff him to say hello after a few days. Jinx is a little hyper and can be noisy, Mum & Dad are always telling her to be quiet, but she is really nice and even puts up with my clumsy attempts to play with her. She is so small that I am scared that I will hurt her but she doesn't seem to mind if I step on her by accident. She tries to steal my toys, even taking them out of my mouth sometimes, but I just steal them back when she isn't looking. Mum made me 2 beds but after a few days I noticed that Jinx sleeps on the sofa in the family room when Mum & Dad aren't there, so I thought that I would try it. Mum & Dad found me there and didn't tell me off so I think that it is OK, I also use the chair sometimes if I'm not in the mood to stretch out. On Mum's first day back at work I was a little anxious and my tummy felt bad, so when she got home I didn't want my tea and had a runny tummy. After a couple of days of special TLC from Mum & Dad I felt much better and when they went to work on the Monday I realised there was nothing to worry about as they would be coming home later.

Jinx and I go for walks together twice a day and on weekends we sometime visit the beach or a big field where we meet other dogs and lots of people that stop to say hello, that's great fun. Jinx is really funny when we eat breakfast and tea she scoffs hers and then stands underneath me waiting for me to drop something (she thinks I don't see her but I know she's there), I'm a bit of a messy eater so she gets some extras if she's quick.
I really love my new home and would really like to thank the people at GAP for finding me such a nice family. I'm sure there are lots more greyhounds out there like me who would also like to find a nice family to look after them, so if you're looking give GAP a ring.