Chaya / Cassie

CandM 1Ken and I have always had German Shepherds and our most recent family member Osiris (Ozzie) turned out to be a handful with terrible separation anxiety from Ken, it didn't matter if anyone else was home. Our neighbours weren't thrilled about the constant barking and we certainly weren't thrilled with him trying to dig his way to China.
Most of Ozzie's problems stemmed from his mum abandoning him at 4 weeks. So after discussing the idea of getting another dog to give him someone to play with, we settled on trying to find an older female dog for him as a bit of a mother figure. Ken had a brilliant idea and suggested a retired greyhound. I had never had them and didn't know much about greyhounds. Ken had family who had them so had grown up around them and he loved them.
We contacted GAP and luckily a foster carer nearby had a 2 ½ yr old female named Cassie. The only unknown was how she would go with children. So we decided to meet on neutral ground with Ozzie and the kids (a 2yr old and 6mth old). From the moment I saw her I wanted to take her home, she got on well with Ozzie and had no problem with the boys cuddling her and playing with her ears.OC 1
We took her home 2 weeks later and within 4 days she had settled letting everyone know which lounge suite was hers, how she liked her cuddles, and that chasing a ball was way beneath her dignified manner. We changed her named to Chaya-Sar as we have several Cassies in the family and it was becoming too confusing. Since having her we could not consider another breed. She is pure love and affection. Her demeanour is prim and proper while she is happy to boss Ozzie around. 6 months later Ozzie has settled down amazingly, our vet is in love with her and says we could not have asked for a better family dog. She and our cats have an understanding; she won't chase them if they don't run. I would have to say that adopting a retired greyhound and saving a dog like her is the best thing we have ever done. If this is something you aren't sure about, just try it, they are the most loving calm and adorable dogs with those cute eyes that can break any cold heart. Go for it you won't regret having a greyhound in your home.