My wife Sharon and I have always loved dogs but working full-time and the British weather had always meant owning a dog would not have been fair. eveHowever our move to Sydney a couple of years ago reignited our desire to get a dog. We moved to a new leased property in Cremorne which would allow us to have a dog. But what breed? Then one day Sharon read an article about greyhounds making perfect pets. Neither of us had ever met a greyhound and initially, I in particular was a little wary, having this typical misconception of a greyhound being for racing only. However as chance would have it, a friend of a friend had recently started fostering a greyhound through GAP and a meeting was arranged. And who should we meet but Eve.
Born on Christmas Eve '99 (hence the name) she'd had a brief and unsuccessful racing career and had been retired. Looking at her now it's easy to see why she didn't make the grade - she's such a gentle dog, a real sweetie. We quickly made the decision that Eve was the dog for us and with the fabulous support of GAP, she arrived on our doorstep in late May this year.
Four months later and we're greyhound devotees. She is absolutely the perfect dog for us - she never barks, she's great on the lead (never pulls), loves other people & dogs and just chills in our garden when we're out at work. In the house she loves to sleep in her beanbag and keep an eye on us. Walking her can be quite an event since people are forever stopping us and saying what a striking and beautiful dog she is. She also has this look which just melts hearts. Recently she spent a week in a kennels whilst we were on holiday and when we picked her up, the staff commented that she was a joy to look after (they can't wait until the next time).
So if you're ever down Cremorne way and in Primrose Park, or down Sirius Cove in Mosman (another favourite haunt of Eve's - she loves to lie down in the water), and spot a white and black greyhound, then come over and say hello. As you can see in the photo, she loves dogs, big and small.

Sharon and Andy