Although we thought that we had read everything to learn about adopting a greyhound, we were still unprepared for the Gypsy's arrival in our household.


During her settling in she watched everything quietly, clearly absorbing all the details of our lives that she needed to know. The cat was unknown territory to be avoided at all costs, no eye contact, and a quiet departure from the dog bed, with averted gaze, each time that the cat took up residence there.
Now she is a confident cheerful waggy, watchful member of the household, unnervingly familiar with all of our routines and what they mean.. keys.. going out, bike helmets, perhaps not. Morning waking,.. a walk, Cutlery rattling. Dinnertime, our toilet visits.. what an opportunity for a pat!
Most days she is easy to find, just turn around and she is right behind you. Other days, she is basking in a sunny spot, with her best mate, the bossy cat. Gypsy is a soft, gentle calm creature with a personality all her own.

This is the testimonial from Dr Bronwyn Gould, who lives at Paddington with her adopted Greyhound "Gypsy".