Horrie / Horse

horrie 8It has been a a few months now since we came and collected Horse, who is now answering to a nick name of Horrie and I thought I would give you an update on how he is going and also some photos. Horrie has definitely settled in to be a part of the family. I must admit I was slightly concerned at first as to whether he would be happy with us, but by the way he plays and smiles (I never thought I would believe that a dog can smile, but Horrie certainly can) I think he is.

>Horrie is spoilt by all (not too badly) and has been treated to a few bones, a biscuit everyday and he even gets home cooked dinners! He loves to sit on his bed and sniff the air whenever mince, sausages or just about any type of meat is being cooked in the house. He walks twice a day except for when it is windy, and this suits me too. Horrie tends to be afraid of little dogs and will lean against you while pretending to be tough, and is indifferent to larger dogs. He is quite happy to wag his tail and ignore them as he passes them in the street. He is excellent on the lead and very well behaved. When you get his muzzle out it is like all his Christmas' have come at once, and he gets very excited - every day.

He has only barked 3 times - twice at our door bell which we have discovered frightens him, so we are getting him used to this by showing him it will not hurt him, and the third time a door banged closed in the night and scared the wits out of him and us!

He is physically very well. He has put on weight, is up to date with his flea, tick and worming and is just about perfect at 36-37kgs and his coat shines. He loves being brushed and even shuts his eyes and sighs when you do this for him. We have only had one accident where Horrie somehow cut his foot open - slightly. No stitches were required, but bandages were on for a few days.

We have taken him on family outings to AFL matches and for cafe lattes ... he is very at ease with this and tends to take the time to nap. We always take a treat and water so he can have something as well.

We are very happy to have Horrie as apart of our family, thank you for selecting Horrie as the greyhound for us, I can not imagine our house without him now. I hope he is happy with us too.


Shiloh and family.