Smiley 2We are so happy with the way Oscar has settled into our family. In the last month or so his personality has really started to emerge and we are seeing a different and much more playful side that he had previously shown. Our most reluctant child is now his greatest supporter!!!
He is determined to ensure the property remains cat free and has developed venetian blind marks on his snout, from being a sticky beak, to ensure they don't wander on to the property. We have also noticed he takes great joy in chasing cats in his sleep which we find amusing to watch!

Oscar is very affectionate with our family and is perfect for older children like ours. He seems to know that Saturdays are a slower day and greets us in the morning by stealing shoes and seeing who will play chasings around the house with him.
Walks are certainly one of his great joys, as is sleeping preferably upside down across any walkway so as not to miss out on anything that may occur. We also noticed in the early days that he thought David's favourite chair was his. It took some time and creative energy to change this perception but we think he finally has the picture.
Thank you again for all your work and encouragement. We are thrilled with our puppy – just a little boy in a big body! We recommend greyhounds to everyone who we come in contact with. We are very impressed with the program and are looking forward to the day when muzzles are a thing of the past.

Thanks again

David, Chris, Laura, Cameron, Emma and Kieran