Sally mark 2

Sally came into our lives 5 months ago and it feels like she has been with us forever.She just has so much love to give and we give her so much love back.Sally2 32

Sally loves her walks and runs on the lead and she is very polite when she meets well behaved dogs, we try to stay away from dogs that run at her as this gets her nervous. Sally has two great friends we sometimes walk with, 2 tiny Italian Greyhounds.
She is very intelligent, on cold winter mornings she won't get out of her cosy bed and just stays snuggled with a great big smile on her face.
Our family could not imagine life without her - everyone should adopt a Greyhound!


Shan and family

2010 update
We have now had her for nearly 3 years and every day she amazes us.
Her nervousness with other breeds of dogs has gone and she has many doggy friends. Sally loves her visits to the farm and with dog proof fencing she gets her freedom to have a run and play with the cattle dogs and paddles in the dam. The other dogs swim into the middle of the dam and Sally stands in the shallows splashing and barking at them, she likes to feel the ground under her feet.
Sally is now a Delta Pet Therapy dog too and loves to visit her friends and get lots of cuddles and treats. She is also a TV star as she has been filmed for Playschool at one of the facilities she visits. I will let you know when this will be aired (July 2011) she is great with the camera!
Sally has now been to 3 visits to my son's school and the boys love hearing about her and Greyhounds and she loves the cuddles.
Sally has transformed many peoples lives and with her calmness and beautiful communicative eyes she makes people very happy! Thank you GAP for all the work you do for Greyhounds, we are so lucky to have Sally in our lives.