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Application for Adoption
  1. Greyhound Adoption Program (NSW), Inc.
    P.O. Box 24
    Belrose West NSW 2085

    Ph/Fax 02 9452 3446

    Email: adoption@gapnsw.org.au

    Thank you for your expression of interest in sharing your home and companionship with a retired Greyhound.

    These ex-racers are usually between two and five years old - young enough to offer a long and fruitful friendship, but past the difficult puppy stage.

    In order to ensure compatibility with your intended companion, we request your cooperation with the following questionnaire. Please complete all sections.

    Note that our Greyhounds are only available to applicants whose home has direct access to a yard or courtyard.

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  14. Type of Residence:(*)
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  15. Do you own or rent?(*)
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  16. If you rent, or your residence is governed by a Body Corporate, please provide written permission to own a pet, particularly a large dog
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  17. Is the yard fully fenced?(*)
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  18. If yes, what is the MINIMUM height of all fences/gates?
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  19. Of what material is the fencing composed?
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  20. Where would your dog be kept during the Day? At night? (Please describe)(*)
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  21. Approximately, how many hours per day would your pet be home alone? (*)
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  22. Do you have other dogs? (*)
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  23. If yes please describe breed / sex / age / whether intact or neutered.
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  24. Do you have any cats? (*)
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  25. If yes where do they live?
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    We find it very difficult to provide a cat-safe Greyhound with outdoor cats
  26. Do you have any other pets? If yes, give details(*)
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  27. If you do not have a dog at present, have you owned a dog previously? Please give details.
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  28. Do you have any preference regarding your new greyhound? (eg. age, sex, other preference - please specify) (*)
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  29. Would you consider adopting an older dog? (Six years or older)(*)
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  30. Are you aware of the current muzzling requirements?(*)
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  31. What are your reasons for choosing a retired Greyhound? (*)
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  32. How did you learn about the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP)?(*)
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  33. Please add any additional information that might assist us in selecting the right Greyhound for you.
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  34. Please give details of two referees that you have known for at least two years (nextdoor neighbour etc) List name, address and phone number. If you currently, or have recently owned pets, please include your vet's details. (*)
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