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Becoming a member

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Full membership

Full membership of GAP (NSW), Inc. is limited to individuals who must satisfy one or more of the following criteria:
(i) be a past or present adoptive owner of one or more Greyhounds acquired through GAP (NSW), Inc. or a recognised Greyhound adoption program within Australia or overseas;
(ii) be an owner of a Greyhound which, to the satisfaction of the Management Committee, is kept purely as a family pet/companion animal;
(iii) be recognised by the Management Committee as actively participating in at least one of GAP's activities as defined by the Aims and Objectives listed in Rule 2 of the Constitution.

A bona fide couple or family group, residing at the same address, who otherwise satisfies the above requirements for eligibility, may apply for full membership, but will be entitled to only one (1) vote. One person from such couple or family will be nominated as the principal member for purposes of voting, at the time of application for or renewal of membership.

Full members have full voting rights at all meetings, and are eligible to stand for positions on the Management Committee.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is open to any individual, couple or family who does not currently satisfy the criteria for full membership but who supports the Association [GAP (NSW), Inc] and helps in any way to advance the Aims and Objectives of the Association. An associate member may at a future date apply to become a full member if the appropriate criteria are met.

An associate member shall not have voting rights and shall not be eligible to hold position on the Management Committee.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is open to any business, company, agency, club or other association which supports the Aims and Objectives of the Greyhound Adoption Program (NSW), Inc. The rights of corporate members will be the same as those for associate members.

Annual Subscription (financial year 1st July to 30th June)
Joining July - Dec Joining Jan - June
Full membership $20 $10
Associate membership $20 $10
Corporate membership $100 $50

Post membership application / renewal and cheque / money order to:

Greyhound Adoption Program (NSW), Inc.
P.O. Box 24
Belrose West NSW 2085

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