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This is Jerry. You knew me as Weasel. My foster father was Les and a good man he was.

I love living with Linda and her family here. I have two beds outside, one in the sun (I use this a lot) which is outside their bedroom and one in the shade (I use this a lot too). This one is outside the family room which means I can stare in at them (it always works).

Jerry AKA WeaselThey are a bit soppy, always patting me, telling me how beautiful I am, even when I moved the canary seed paper out of the bin and along Linda's hallway! I like rearranging things. I move their shoes all the time. They have no idea of decorating.

I am very happy here. Food is great, they laugh though 'cos it can fall out of my mouth. What does 'buck teeth' mean? They think it is very funny!

Thank you and a huge thank you for all the work you do in helping greys like me.



PS what's a giraffe, they think this is funny too, Jerry the Giraffe, they're crazy!

PPS who is Mr Burns from some Simpson family? They laugh at me cos they think I look like him, his profile.

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