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Peggy-Sue's trip to Kangaroo Valley

Peggy SueMy owners Deb & Paul decided to take me on a trip to the country as a reward for teaching our last foster dog Amy how to be a lady. Not to rush her food and it's nice to go outside to the toilet. I was a bit cheesed off when she tried to take my place on their bed of a morning for a cuddle. I had to get one of my toys and throw it about so she would jump off their bed to get it. Then I could jump up.

They decided to take me to a place called Kangaroo Valley. I was excited when I heard the name as I remember from stories, my ancestors who came over on the First Fleet used to chase the Kangaroos and catch them so the people could have meat. I thought I might be able to chase some just for fun as I already get enough food. They looked like big mice when I saw them on TV. We drove down through a big park and across a bridge that ran out across the ocean. We stopped and they had some hot chips and I had some too. We got back in the car and drove again, I was looking out for the kangaroos but I only saw some horses and cows.

We went up this big hill and when we got over the top it suddenly turned white. It was only a narrow road with a lot of corners. Paul called it fog and started to say how scary it was and monsters might jump out. That was it I jumped up and kept a lookout for the monsters but I could only see the front of the car, no matter how big I made my eyes. When we got to the bottom of the hill in the valley the sun came out and I could see a lot of cows and these woolly things which Paul called sheep. They looked a bit like some of my toys but were too big to carry around. We drove up to a house and this was Kangaroo Valley, but I couldn't see any. Penny who owned the house was there with Jilla a brown Labrador. This was a place to stay for dogs and humans.
We went in and I made sure every room was safe and they put my bed down in front of the fire. Jilla had to stay out side while Penny went out. After we had dinner Paul let Jilla inside. What a mistake. She kept running around me wanting to play. I was tired from the trip and just wanted to rest. You can see how fast she was as she would not stay still whilst Paul took a photo.

Next day we went for a walk to the shops and on the way through the Oval I meet another Grey named Nova with her owner Keith. They live in the Caravan Park. There was also a pretend Grey there as well. It was a Whippet and ran around like it owned the place. I could have taught it a thing about running if Deb would have let me off the lead. I also saw some ducks in the pool which had a fence so I could not get in to see if I could chase them. After we checked out the shops, or should I say Deb did, we went to a Pizza Shop and met Nova and Keith. I had a talk to Nova and she told me that she gets taken for six walks a day, up the shops and some place called the Pub. She also remembered Denise who took her down to meet Keith a few years ago.

We went back to our house and I had a walk around a big yard with a fence to keep me in. We went for a drive to Berry where Deb had a look at the shops. Paul and I walked around then we drove back. After we went inside Jilla came in and wanted to play. She knew who was boss as she rolled over and let me smell her. Deb and Paul went to the pub for dinner that night and left me in the house. I had a good look around but made sure I was good so they would take me away next time. When they came home they let Jilla in again and we had a play.

The next morning when I went outside Jilla wanted to play. She thought she was fast and I would not catch her. She had no chance. I ran her down before she got to the end of the veranda. Ha - mess with a greyhound, will she?

After breakfast they packed up and I jumped into the car and we drove a different way home. We stopped at the bridge that went into the ocean and had a walk along some of it. It was too cold for me so we went back to the car. We drove to Stanwell Park and they left me in the back and went across the road and had some lunch. I could see them. Paul came over and took me for a walk whilst Deb went to the shops. I met a couple of dogs but no greys. Then we got back in the car and drove home. I had a good time but I don't know whey they called it Kangaroo Valley because I never saw any.

Peggy Sue

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