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Hello to everyone - I would just like you all to know that I have truly found my forever home.

The photo is of me and my greyhound sister Bonnie. I'm the pretty and demure blue girl on the left!

I am so slim and trim now, very bouncy and love playing and chasing my "sisters", and running along the fence playing with Honey our faceless neighbouring dog. I love our walks which tend to be a drawn out affair as everyone wants to pat me and Bonnie - we are excellent ambassadors for our fellow greys.

I have discovered watermelon - do I love watermelon !!

I had such a good time at Xmas with all the visitors to the house - everyone made such a fuss of me (which was soooo hard to take) - I will be sorry when our family members end their visit in February when there won't be so many people around to make a fuss of me.

My new "mum and dad" wonder what they did without me. All in all you could say that I am a very happy and contented girl.


Jeenie (Jeanie)

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