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Dear foster dad,

I miss you, but must admit I'm having a good time here. There's a really interesting thing called a budgie that lives here, I'm allowed to look but not touch... - the photo is of me looking but not touching. The girls have been kind enough to give me some toys of my own and I do like Bunny but the real ones outside are much more exciting.

I have a job...I have to keep the chooks out of the yard, it's pretty easy and I do it extremely well. There's also an enormous thing called a pig which lives here. I really like to bark at her but she's starting to get used to me and ignores me which isn't so much fun.

I've discovered I'm quite good at swimming. Sarah let me off the lead to have a paddle and a drink in the dam. I wandered around the outside but tried to take a short cut back to Sarah and found out it's deeper in the middle! Sarah laughed at me but I pretended not to hear.

Life's pretty hectic but a girl still has to relax and I'm getting plenty of time for that as well.



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