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This is a message from Ginger.

I am having a greyt time here. I have a new boyfriend called Pharoah. He is lovely to look at but better still, I have him trained. He lets me be the boss. So sweet! Sometimes I let him play with my toys. He is showing me the best walks, the local cats’ hiding places and the best stinky bushes to rub our faces in. In return I taught him how to drink out of the toilet bowl. What a relationship!

I sleep on my bean bag at night but there are plenty of lounges, comfey chairs and beds to choose from if I wish. The food is greyt, specially out of his bowl (I do both).

Plenty of love and attention, not just from Mum and Dad but from people we meet on our walks. My new guy is a bit of a local celebrity. There is a big back yard to explore, sights and sounds to investigate and all the comforts of home.


PS I had to send this Email because mum is scared of the computer. Please forgive any spelling mistakes…. I’m still learning.

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